Flea & Tick

How To Get Rid of Flea & Ticks

In South Florida, these tiny insects can pose significant problems when they infiltrate your home. Fleas and ticks not only bite humans and pets, feeding on their blood, but can also transmit dangerous diseases.


If you encounter these pests, Pest Busterzz is here to help. Reach out to us at 954-213-5293 for professional flea and tick removal services.


Identifying Fleas:


Fleas are small, shiny, reddish-brown insects, approximately one-eighth of an inch in size, with distinctive large hind legs that enable them to jump impressively, covering more than a foot in a single leap.


Identifying Ticks:


Florida hosts various tick species, including the blacklegged tick, lone star tick, American dog tick, Gulf Coast tick. These ticks come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.


Preventing Fleas:


To prevent flea infestations, follow these recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):


– Limit your pet’s outdoor time and contact with wild or stray animals.


– Regularly bathe and groom your pets and inspect them for fleas.


– Consult your veterinarian for suitable flea control products.


– Maintain cleanliness by washing bedding, throw rugs, and regularly sweeping and vacuuming to deter fleas.


Preventing Ticks:


The CDC advises using EPA-registered insect repellents for family members and consulting your veterinarian for pet protection. After outdoor activities, especially in tick-prone areas, thoroughly check for ticks on your body and take a shower.


Removing Ticks:


If you find a tick attached to your skin, promptly use fine-tipped tweezers to remove it. Ensure you grasp it as close to your skin as possible and steadily pull upward without twisting or jerking. After removal, clean the area with soap and water.


Problems with Ticks and Fleas:


Fleas and ticks rely on blood to survive, often latching onto outdoor pets and entering your home. Fleas can live for over 100 days without food and reproduce rapidly. Ticks can also endure extended periods without nourishment.


Pets infested with fleas may exhibit excessive biting, licking, and scratching, leading to fur loss and scabs. Ticks on pets can be found in various locations, including their ears. Fleas and ticks can also carry tapeworms, which may be present in pet feces.


Diseases Spread by Fleas:


Fleas can transmit diseases to both pets and humans. Common flea-borne diseases include Murine Typhus, M. haemofelis, tapeworms, and Cat Scratch Fever. Seeking medical treatment is crucial if you suspect infection.


Diseases Spread by Ticks:


Ticks are notorious disease vectors, with the blacklegged tick transmitting Lyme disease. Other tick-borne diseases in Florida include anaplasmosis, babesiosis, borrelia mayonii, borrelia miyamotoi, ehrlichiosis, heartland virus, powassan disease, rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, STARI, and Tularemia.

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Unveiling the Mini World of Fleas and Ticks: 5 Cool Facts and Their Link to Sunny South Florida

Hey South Florida ! Ever thought those tiny fleas and ticks could be so interesting? Well, get ready to be amazed because these little critters have more going on than you might think. And guess what? They play a big role right here in sunny South Florida. Let’s dive into 5 fun facts that will show you just how cool fleas and ticks can be and how they fit right into the Florida picture.


 Super Survival Skills:

Fleas and ticks have some serious survival tricks up their sleeves, especially in the warm and humid weather of South Florida. Fleas can go from egg to adult flea in just two weeks – talk about fast! And ticks? They’re masters at going without food for a while, which comes in handy when the weather gets all crazy.


Nature’s Balance:


These little guys aren’t just pests – they’re part of a bigger story in South Florida’s nature. Ticks can spread diseases like Lyme disease, while fleas can mess with wildlife and our furry friends. It’s like a puzzle where everyone’s connected, and these tiny creatures are a piece of that puzzle.


Watch out for Diseases:


Fleas and ticks can be more than just a bother. They can carry some nasty diseases, and South Florida’s warm climate makes it easier for these diseases to spread. Stuff like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Bartonellosis can hitch a ride on these critters, so it’s good to stay aware and take precautions.


Pets and Furry Friends:


If you’re a pet lover in South Florida, fleas and ticks are things you need to know about. Fleas can make pets super itchy and uncomfortable, and ticks can spread diseases to them too, like ehrlichiosis. Keeping an eye on your pets and knowing how to protect them is a big deal.


Everywhere, Anywhere:


These little guys are pretty adaptable. You can find them in all sorts of places, from your backyard to the woods. They’re like the ultimate survivors! Figuring out how to deal with them is a bit of a challenge because they’re so good at fitting in wherever they go.


So, there you have it – the lowdown on fleas and ticks and how they’re part of the South Florida story. They might be small, but they’re definitely a big deal in this sunny part of the world.

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