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Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Pest Control


  • Your Pest Busterzz Service Technician will work personally with you to make sure your Rodent pest problem gets solved quickly and efficiently.
  • When cornered, rats will bite to defend themselves. The saliva of some species can carry hazardous diseases, such as Leptospirosis and Hantavirus.

Rodents multiply swiftly, and infestations require professional pest control. Left unattended, they may cause extensive damage to the home and yard. Our pest control treatments are specifically targeted at rodents, and our service technicians  are well-versed & continually trained in how to get rid of rats and mice. 

Rodent Pest Control
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Is killing rats at home safe?

What kills rats instantly?

Snap traps are among the quickest and most effective means of killing rats if placed properly and when a large number of traps are used. As technology continues to progress, electronic rat traps are being developed and sold. While these traps show considerable results and are electronically connected to cell phones or other devices a homeowner will know immediately when a rat is caught. It is best to ask your pest control professional whether they recommend and use these products.

What scents keep rats away?

Rats have an initial aversion to some odors and tastes, but no repellent products have been found to solve a rat problem for more than a very short time, plus no truly effective rat repellents are presently known to be registered for use.

Smoke or gas cartridges are registered and sold for controlling burrowing rodents. When placed into the burrows and ignited, these cartridges produce toxic and suffocating smoke and gases. Because Norway rat burrows can extend beneath a residence and have several open entrances, toxic gases can permeate the dwelling. For this reason and because some fire hazard is associated with their use, smoke and gas cartridges aren’t recommended for rat control in or nearby homes.

Is killing rats at home safe?

DIY rat control can sometimes rid your home of rats but can also pose hazards. In most cases, safe and effective rat control is best left to professionals  For numerous homeowners, household methods of getting rid of rats are commonly used; however, there is a critical need to focus on educating the consumer about potential dangers and drawbacks when using self-help rat control and then let the consumer make the decision about how to proceed with eliminating the rat problem.

The answer to this question is directly related to the degree of caution exercised when using rodenticides and traps. To maximize safety, always place traps or other rat control products in protective containers designed for protection of people and pets. Also, one must always avoid handling dead rodents with bare, unprotected hands and prevent contact with rat ectoparasites or diseased animals.

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