Fox Squirrels: The Charismatic Residents of South Florida

Fox Squirrels

Fox Squirrels: The Charismatic Residents of South Florida



In the vibrant mosaic of South Florida’s wildlife, the Fox Squirrel stands as an intriguing figure. These bushy-tailed creatures, known for their reddish-brown coats, are captivating additions to our local ecosystem. Today, let’s embark on a journey to explore the fascinating world of Fox Squirrels and their impact on the South Florida community.


A Name to Remember


Fox Squirrels, named for their bushy tails and striking coloration, come in various shades, including cinnamon, silver-gray, and melanistic black. With their distinctive appearance and playful antics, they’ve earned a special place in our hearts.


Origins and Local Abode


While Fox Squirrels aren’t native to Florida, they have established thriving populations here. They are believed to have migrated from the eastern and midwestern United States, adapting well to the Sunshine State’s diverse landscapes.


Dietary Preferences


Fox Squirrels are known for their diverse diets, feasting on a medley of fruits, nuts, seeds, and even small insects. This varied diet makes them integral to seed dispersal in South Florida’s lush ecosystems.


Weather and Habitat

These squirrels prefer a mix of woodlands, open spaces, and urban areas. They are adaptable, thriving in various weather conditions, but they tend to be more active during the cooler morning and late afternoon hours.


Size and Anatomy


Fox Squirrels are larger than their Eastern Gray Squirrel counterparts, measuring up to 28 inches in length, including their tail. Their keen eyesight and agility make them adept tree climbers.


Positive Impacts


Fox Squirrels play a vital role in seed dispersal, helping plants regenerate in natural habitats. Their presence is a testament to the region’s biodiversity.


Population and Predators


While they face threats from natural predators like hawks, owls, and even larger mammals, Fox Squirrels maintain stable populations in South Florida’s green spaces.


Lifespan and Disease


Fox Squirrels typically live up to 6-12 years in the wild. They can carry diseases like ticks and fleas but generally do not pose a significant disease risk to humans.




The Fox Squirrel, with its inquisitive nature and charming presence, adds a touch of wilderness to our urban landscapes. As they continue to thrive in South Florida, remember that Pest Busterzz is here to help should these charismatic creatures ever become a bit too curious. Visit our website at to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in managing local wildlife in harmony with our community.

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