keeping your yard pest free during summer

Chinch bugs

keeping your yard pest free during summer

Summer is here and your yard is about to be under siege by pests. It’s time to take action before they start taking over!

Chinch bugs can be a real problem, especially if you have recently planted new trees or shrubs. These bugs will eat the roots of your plants and cause them to die.

White flies are also a major problem during the summer months. These tiny insects are hard to see, but they can leave yellow spots on your plants and fruits as they suck the juices out of them.

Grub worms are another common pest that feed on grass roots and grubs that are in the soil. This can cause damage to your lawn and make it difficult for grass to grow back after you’ve treated with chemicals or pesticides.

Sod web worms eat at the base of grass blades, making them thin and brittle so they break easily when walked on by people or animals moving around in your yard; this can lead to bald patches where grass has been eaten away completely so there’s nothing left for people walking across it anymore! Mole crickets burrow deep into soil where they make tunnels that may collapse under foot if not treated quickly enough before any damage occurs from falling rocks or dirt around their homes

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  • Many people do not realize that these insects are actually beneficial to the environment because they aerate the soil, provide nutrients for plants, pollinate flowers and vegetables. However, when they become too numerous or too large in number they can cause damage to plants and grasses through chewing or digging up roots.
  • The best way to keep your yard pest free is by taking preventative measures before an invasion occurs. This includes removing debris from flower beds so that pests cannot hide underneath them; trimming shrubs back from walkways so that pests can’t reach them; keeping grass short by mowing every week; using mulch around flower beds to provide an extra layer of protection; removing weeds from flower beds as soon as they appear; cleaning up fallen fruit regularly so it doesn’t attract ants; placing bird feeders away from doors; keeping windows closed at night if there is no air conditioning
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