why do i have ants in my home?

Argentine Ants

why do i have ants in my home?

Ants are a common problem in South Florida, where they can be found in homes and businesses alike. In fact, ants are the most common household pest in the U.S., and their presence is often a sign of larger problems.

  • There are several different types of ants that can be found in south Florida, including ghost ants, sugar ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants. Ghost ants are small black ants that have a white stripe running down their backs. They often enter homes through windowsills and door frames.
  • Sugar ants are another common type of ant that can be found in homes in south Florida. These small brown or black insects are attracted to sweet foods and spilled sugar around the house.
  • Fire ants are red or orange-yellow in color and can cause painful bites if they come into contact with humans or pets while outside during the summer months when they’re most active around outdoor landscaping plants such as roses or azaleas where they tend to build their nests underground close to these plants’ roots which makes it easy for them to move from one plant to another without being seen by people passing by outside so keep your eyes open for any signs of activity inside these areas where there should be none such as holes in the ground where tunnels leading under those plants may come up through the soil surface flooring areas underneath those plants

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  • Carpenter ants get their name from the fact that they build their nests out of wood (or other organic material) rather than soil or sand. They’re large, black ants that look like termites but have no wings. They do not sting or bite humans—they only eat insects like cockroaches and other pests!
  • Ants can be found in your home, yard and garden. They are often attracted to food that has been left outside or on the counter, as well as sweet liquids like soda and juice. Ants also love grease and protein-based foods, so they may be attracted to grease traps in your home plumbing system or pet food left out overnight.
  • The fire ant is such a serious pest, that the USDA Agricultural Research Service allows pesticides to be used on ants that they believe are fire ants. Pest control professionals should always be contacted before using any pesticide products. Ant poison baits are also poisons and should never be used inside the home. There are baits which kill both spreading and mound building ants, however, they should always be used in conjunction with an insect growth regulator. IGR’s interfere with the production of chitin by insects and prevent egg laying in ants. These products come in granular or liquid form and most ant experts will suggest mixing the IGR with your insecticide for better results. The problem with ants returning is solved.
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